How can you help mmdc with hurricane relief?

PRAY!!!  Pray for the survivors, the rescue and relief workers, the truckers bringing supplies, and everyone else involved in the relief efforts.

Monetary Donations:  

  • Send a check to MMDC at PO Box 56 in Chatham, IL  62629
  • Donate through PayPal

Supply Donations:

Our Mission:

To compassionately help God's people in need locally, nationally, and around the world, and to offer a center to fulfill the call for service to our neighbors in Christ's name.  

What is Midwest Mission Distribution Center

MMDC is a disaster relief facility located on an 8 acre campus, 4 miles south of Springfield, Illinois.  Construction began in October of 1999 and opened for ministry in the year 2000. MMDC is a caring ministry related to the Illinois Great Rivers Conference and the North Central Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church.  MMDC is also a cooperating depot in the UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) Relief Supply Network as of January 2010.  

MMDC's campus provides opportunities for individuals and groups of all walks of life, denominational backgrounds, abilities, and ages to help provide disaster relief kits and resources as well as educational and medical supplies to those in need both locally and internationally.  MMDC provides that "hands on" mission experience.  

MMDC is a 501c(3) organization.  

MMDC school desks

Did you know that children's desks for Mission Schools around the world are created at Midwest Mission Distribution Center? 

The desks are built mainly of recycled bleacher wood that has been reclaimed from public buildings such as schools, community centers, and churches who are renovating or updating their facilities.  Our volunteers clean and plane the wood, cut it to size, assemble it into desks, and add a clear polyurethene finish.



If you hear of a facility that is planning to remove their wooden bleachers, let us know!  We can save them money in disposal costs and, in some cases, we can send a team to help remove the bleachers and give them a second life.