School Desks ($65 value)

Midwest Mission Distribution Center's history includes the construction of school desks; this has been an MMDC project since nearly the beginning.  School desk projects are truly important to us, many people, hours and trials have gone into the work of fine tuning these designs and revisions.  

We are no longer accepting desks built off site!!!


We are looking for woodworkers, to not only work on School Desks, but also refurbish sewing machine cabinets.  If you are interested, please stop by or call us at 217.483.7911.

machinery restoration

These restoration projects require hand on attention to detail and mechanical know how.  MMDC is blessed to have such skills available to us, through our volunteers.  These machines not only provide a means to support one's family but they open doors.  

Bicycle Repair

MMDC is now only taking gently used bicycles.  The bikies must have no rust and be repairable.  We have a wonderful Bicycle Work Shop with great volunteers working hard to restore them.  We are always looking for new volunteers to help.  

Sewing Machine Repair

MMDC takes in donations of used, new, working and in need of repair sewing machines and restores them in the Sewing Repair Shop.  They are always looking for volunteers that likes to tinker with machinery.