• Pat Wright

    Executive Director

    Pat has been on staff since July 2005 when she has hired as the office manager, she became the first full-time paid director in January of 2008.  Pat breaks down her role at Midwest into three words: secure, encourage, and cultivate.  Her role is to secure long term volunteers to coordinate, encourage and maintain healthy staff relations, and cultivate good working relationships with donors and volunteers.  She loves working at MMDC, "Everyone comes through the Center's doors are smiling and say, put me to work! I LOVE THAT!!"  MMDC provides opportunities to serve, as John Wesley says, to " do all the good you can, in all the way you can, to all the people you can, in every place you can, at all the times you can as long as you ever can."  Pat clings to this quote and truly sees God at work through the ministry of MMDC, she is joyful to be a part of it, and encourages others to get involved. Pat feels that her contributions are her spiritual gifts and that MMDC is making a real difference and ultimately making the world a better place.  

    Pat resides in Springfield, IL with her husband Don; she is a member of Sugar Creek Church.  She has two grown children, Brant and Missy, and four grandchildren.

    Pat's prayer for MMDC: "that it continues to be a place that is reaching out to compassionately help God's people in Christ's name."


  • Brad Walton

    Warehouse Supervisor

    Brad came on staff at MMDC October of 2013.  He is no stranger to MMDC having collaborated in shipments and disbursements previously.  He has been a friend of MMDC for years!  Brad has a lot of experience in warehouse logistics and operations.  He has also traveled with shipments and seen disbursements in action; seeing with his own eyes the need of God's people both nationally and internationally.  Brad's role is to assist staff and volunteers in daily operations.  He also looks after the overall building and grounds maintenance, upkeep and lives on site to provide assistance as needed. When asked what he likes about working a MMDC, he said "Helping those in need!"

    Brad's prayer for MMDC:"Continue to partner with others while not forgetting our roots."


  • Tonya Hill

    operations coordinator

    Tonya came on staff in March of 2014 as the Operations Coordinator.  At MMDC Tonya is in charge of booking all volunteer reservations, providing leadership and assisting the volunteer coordinators with projects and volunteers.  She also assists Brad with warehouse duties and keeps track of daily inventory.  Tonya says this of MMDC "I love that when you walk through the doors at the Center you feel like this place is part of your family. There is so much love and laughter that Midwest brings out in people, it brings a warm heart and smile to your face."  

    Tonya resides in Rochester, Illinois with her husband Josh and their two daughters Hannah and Jordin. Tonya grew up in northern New York on her family's dairy farm.

    Tonya's prayer for MMDC:  "That God leads the Mission to keep doing wonderful things for people with needs and welcomes the volunteers to enjoy their time here."


  • Angie Miller

    administrative assistant

    Angie came on staff as a part-time Administrative Assistant September, 2015.  As of January 1, 2016 she is full-time and very thankful for the opportunities to be working with such a great staff and volunteers.  She is in charge of communications which entails the newsletter, Facebook and the website; keeping up with donations and volunteer hours, and other data entry duties.  Angie has been coming to MMDC to volunteer since moving to Chatham in 2011.

    Angie resides in Chatham with her handsome husband, Allen, and two wonderful children, Austin and Abby - well, Austin is there most of the time when he is not at Truman State getting smarter.

    Angie's prayer for MMDC; " That I can be the hands and feet of Christ and inspire others to do the same."  


  • Cindy Chase


    Cindy came on staff in May of 2015 as Bookkeeper. She works part-time, dividing her day between MMDC and an elementary school library. She has known both Pat Wright and Mark Freeman for many years, through Sugar Creek Church, and is excited to work with both of them. She is continually amazed at the stories of success that come from the outreach of MMDC and looks forward to summer when she can spend more time being a part of that outreach.

    Cindy lives in Chatham, Illinois with her husband Steven and their sons Adam and Luke. Cindy earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Arts Management from Illinois Wesleyan University and has worked at various jobs in New York City, Clearwater, FL, Nashville, TN, and Chatham, IL.

    Cindy’s prayer for MMDC: “That God will continue to bless MMDC and help us reach those in need, wherever they may be.”


Board of Directors

Chairperson,Bill Kirchoff, Indiana Conference, Plainfield, IN,
Vice Chairperson, Rev. David Powell, Indiana Conference, Georgetown, IN
Treasurer, Holly Taylor, Finance/Audit Chair, IGRC, Springfield, IL

Conference Representatives
Don Archambeau, Detroit Conference, Livonia, MI
Sandy Bittner, East Ohio Conference, Seven Hills, OH
Joel Certa-Werner, Wisconsin Conference, Superior, WI
Rev. Clayton Coffey, East Ohio Conference, Salesville, OH
Don Fowler, Nebraska Conference, Columbus, NE
Becky Jenkins, Personnel Chair, Detroit Michigan Conference, Midland, MI
Jeffrey Koch, IGRC, Sugar Creek Church Liaison, Chatham, IL
Carole Liljedahl, Iowa Conference, Missouri Valley, IA
Ned Niemeyer, West Ohio, New Knoxville, OH
LaVonne Patterson, Missouri Conference, Columbia, MO
Lloyd Petersen, Minnesota Conference, Marshall, MN
Jake Roemmich, Dakotas Conference, Devils Lake, ND
K Roemmich, Dakotas Conference, Devils Lake, ND
Kyle Rominger, IGRC, Rochester, IL
Ron Schobert, Wisconsin Conference, Birchwood, WI
Judy Sena, West Michigan Conference, Grand Ledge, MI
Robert Tom, Publicity Chair, West Conference, Melrose, OH
Delberta Troutman, Envisioning Chair, West Michigan Conference, Hartford, MI

Emeritus Member
Rev. Jack Travestead, IGRC, Springfield, IL


Mike Krost, Endowment Chair, Chillicothe, IL
Sue Weston, Twice Giving, Pawnee, IL
Bunny Wolfe, IGRC, Springfield, IL

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